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There’s an old saying that “live life king size” but how many of us actually live a happy and productive life-may be a fraction or two. We are so indulged in our routine that we sometimes forget the important thing in life that is to be happy. We all make goals about our career our future things we want every year but have you ever made a resolution about being happy or doing things that you love or taking control of life– No. These things never make it onto your list nor do we think about them. It doesn’t matter if you’re making thousands of dollars if you are not living the life that you crave for.

So How To Kick Ass Everyday?

Seize The Moment

If you are one of those guys that is waiting for his perfect opportunity that will change his life forever then the chances are that your life will be the same as it is now. There is nothing such as a perfect time. You need to make the most to today, so go after what you want and grab it. You want to ask a girl out– then go talk to her. The only thing that could happen wrong is that she would turn you down. You have to accept the fact that rejection is better than regret. So make every day– a perfect day rather waiting for it.

Live In the Present

Worrying about your future will do you more harm than good. People who focus too much on there future tend to become oblivious of the present. They forget how to live a carefree and productive life. If you want to be better in life then think each day as your last and do things that at that present moment. Keep reminding yourself of the things you want to achieve and work for them with your full heart.


You know what will keep you motivated in life– getting your ass off the bed and working out. It doesn’t mean that you have to take a gym membership for it–you can do anything in which you’re comfortable. Exercise is not only good for your body but the mind as well. It is a great way to deal with stress and anxiety as well as keeping your body fat in check. The results might not come overnight but you may start feeling the changes within a week. There are a lot of options available from cardio specific workouts like dance, HIIT  to weight training.

Nurture yourself with a morning routine.

The most productive people on the planet have a set morning routine that gets them ready for the day ahead: coffee, hot shower, yoga and journaling top the list, but it could be anything that sets your mind and body on a productive course for the day. Routines become habits, and good habits keep you healthy, energetic and ready for anything.